Kimberly’s training style was extremely effective no matter what type of learner that you were. Kimberly ensured that she gave all her energy to the training and students, which truly shows how much she cares.

-workshop participant






Anxiety is a normal experience for everyone, but what happens when anxiety is so bad that it takes over your life, school, work, or relationships? This is when most people look for help from a professional. It may be difficult to find a professional that specializes in anxiety treatment.

You can find trained professionals in your area on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America website
( www.adaa.org ) or the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation website ( ocfoundation.org ). In Erie, PA you can go to www.ipperie.com.

I am dedicated to training professionals and speaking to small and large groups of people about gaining control over anxiety. The ideas are simple, and when practiced, people feel better! See below to view video.

If you are interested in a workshop, please contact me.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Group-Second Wednesday of each month from 7:15-8:15pm. Held in group room at 1373 W. 6th Street Erie, Pa 16505. Cost:$15.00 per session

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Support Group -First Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm. Open to people diagnosed with OCD and their family/friends. Held at 1373 W. 6th Street, Erie, PA. Cost: Free

Anxiety Training Workshops - A series of workshops available to professionals, mental health clinics, corporations, and conferences. These are developed according to your needs and can address specific anxiety disorders, coaching someone with anxiety, diagnosing, and treatment. Cost: $150/hour

Supervision - I offer supervision to private practitioners as well as therapists from social service agencies who are interested in developing further skills to treat anxiety. Cost: $100/hour

Living Well With Anxiety: This workshop combines everything I know about controlling anxiety symptoms and living a fulfilled, balanced life. It is full of useful skills, transforming ideas, and centering practices. Cost: $150/hour


Click here for a link to a Mood Kit App, a great thought checker summary for people who are in the midst of anxiety and need to challenge their thoughts.


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