When I received Kimberly Morrow's flyer in the mail offering a one-day workshop "Face It & Feel It", I was skeptical that so much material on the treatment of anxiety could be presented in such a short amount of time.  I was not disappointed.  In fact, it has been a while since I attended a workshop that offered so many treatment strategies in such a succinct, down-to-earth, client-friendly, and efficient manner.  Kimberly has a special gift of delivery of the material that she has so obviously mastered in her practice over the years.  I have been sharing the workshop "gems" with my colleagues and we look forward to incorporating them into our therapy sessions.  She has brought new life to our work!

		-Sue Daley, M.A.
Personal Counseling Office
Penn State Behrend

Kimberly Morrow Workshops

The Magic of CBT for Anxiety and OCD

A 12 session webinar through PESI that teaches evidenced based treatment for anxiety and OCD through a user friendly program.  To sign up, go to www.pesi.com and search for the product with this title.

Living Well Series

A 4-6 hour workshop that is adapted to specific organization or individual needs.  This experiencial workshop teaches five key skills to create balance and allows participants to practice these skills to have optimal functioning in their home and work environments.  (ex. Living Well with Anxiety, Living Well in Pregnancy, Living Well in a Corporation, Living Well in the Medical Profession, Living Well as a Teacher)

Face It and Feel It
A workshop that teaches individuals how to live fully with anxiety by exposing them to their fears and helping them to learn specific skills so that anxiety no longer has power over them.

Complementary Approaches to Treating Anxiety and Depression
A workshop designed for mental health professionals to learn ways to take care of themselves and their clients by teaching:  Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing, Affirmation, and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Embracing Discomfort:  Learning How To Do Exposure and Response Prevention with Anxiety Disorders
A workshop for mental health professionals to teach them the art of exposure and response prevention.  This workshop can cover any or all of the anxiety disorders and provides all of the tools necessary to become comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Anxiety Tools for Kids
A workshop for kids or for professionals that work with kids.  It is a kid-friendly approach to exposure and response prevention.  This workshop will help children learn how to talk back to anxiety, tolerate the accompanying anxiety, and take back their lives!

Coaching:  How to Help Your Friend or Family Member with Anxiety
A 3 hour workshop to teach friends, families and professionals how to talk someone through anxiety.  Offers important skills to empower the one you love rather than empower anxiety.

Anxiety Disorder Workshop
Provide a 1-day seminar on treatment strategies for Panic, OCD, and Trichotillomania.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
A three day certificate program, including supervison, offered through the University of Buffalo .

Anxious Children in School: Becoming a Part of the Solution
A 3 hour workshop to educate school teachers, counselors, psychologists and nurses on how to identify symptoms of anxiety in students and helpful strategies to offer them support.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique to Get The Most of You and Your Students

Learn EFT (tapping on accupressure points) to release limiting thoughts and emotions.This is a quick, easy way to get refocused and open yourself and your students to a better experience of themselves and learning.


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