As someone who plans and coordinates educational opportunities for adult students, I can say with out reservation that Kimberly is a superior instructor and professional communicator. She is a sincere individual who enables her students to discover the best in themselves. Evaluations from her students attest to the extent which they appreciate and grow from her efforts.

- Laurel


This is everyone's goal, right? How can we:
  • Feel joy in each day
  • Have energy to do the things we need to do
  • Be present in our relationships
  • Create space to feel centered
In order to achieve wellness, there are simple things we can practice to experience this everyday.

Living a Life of Wellness Workshop
This is a workshop in which you will experience:
  • Meditation to create space for breath and clarity
  • Energy work to create distance from negative emotions
  • Mindfulness to learn how to be present without judgment
  • Breathing to learn ways to calm or energize
What is Blocking You...from Living a Life of Wellness?
This is a workshop that will take you through a series of exercises and meditations to discover what is preventing you from doing what you need to be balanced.
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